Have questions about Cochlear Implants? Here's a good place to start. Note that these responses are based on our collective experience with cochlear implants. We recommend you consult the knowledgeable audiologists at the Ottawa Hospital's Cochlear Implant Program for more information.

Will I have normal hearing after implant?

Results vary from person to person, but the vast majority of implant recipients report very good speech perception after implant. While some people have commented that sounds seem mechanical or robotic at first, most report that the sounds "normalized" within a short period of time.

What is mapping?

Mapping is the unique programming that the audiologist makes to the processor to tailor it for each individual's needs. A "map" that works for one person, may not be as effective as another.

Can I use a different brand of processor than my implant?

No, processors are designed to work with their own brand's implant and therefore would not be able to function with another brand.